Free Petite®

Buddleja Free Petite - Vlinder

They aren't called Butterfly bushes for nothing. The colourful butterflies come from miles especially for your Free Petite® Buddleja.

This very compact new Buddleja series is available in the colours lilac, blue, pink & white. Free Petite® Buddleja's do not make seed. This will prevent unwanted Buddleja's in your garden.

Free Petite® is pure nature & gives pleasure for a long time.

Key Points

  • Free from seeds
  • Free from frost damage
  • Free from diseases
  • Free from wild growth (stays compact)
  • Free flowering
  • Free for butterflies
Buddleja Free Petite - Blume

Maintenance & Use

The Free Petite Buddleja has many uses. Beautiful as a single specimen on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. Make sure you get a good drained pot. The compactness of the Free Petite Buddleja makes him very suitable for the smaller garden. Feel free to plant it in the perennial border. They love to bloom continuously from early summer to late autumn.

The Free Petite Buddleja does not have many demands with regard to the soil. They thrive best in full sun. The playful character of the Free Petite Buddleja is delightfully manifested when they are used as mini hedge. The Free Petite Lavender Flow can even be used as ground cover.

Make sure you prune the Free Petite well in the spring; absolutely not in the autumn. This prevents frost damage. With Free Petite you have a paradise of flowers, colour & butterflies in your garden.


Peter Podaras, breeder of the "Free Petite" series of Buddleias, has seen the opportunity for improvement in Buddleja davidii for quite a long time.

He began his breeding projects in the year 2000, with the first major goal being to create a plant with a compact habit and a more prolific blooming habit than the varieties on the market at that time. While visiting the Buddleja collection at the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio, Peter noticed the profusion of Buddleja seedlings growing in the gravel and sand lining the nearby stream. He realized that this plant could become invasive – a fact that was substantiated by growing concerns in New Zealand, parts of the United States and in Europe. A new breeding goal was established: buddleja's that were sterile and that would solve this problem.

After seven years, Peder Podaras created the new series Free Petite that is compact and "sterile" (two percent or lower of germinated seed). This series also has proven to be a much more ecologically responsible variety - a quality, consumers across the globe enjoy. Peter Podaras is of Greek heritage and comes from New Britain, Connecticut, USA. He grew up in his family's Pizza Restaurant. Currently, he lives in Davis, California. He is still close with his family but he is happy that he found a way to escape the restaurant!


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